Welcome to the interview of our little miss UK queen Gabi M.

Want to know what it has taken to be a C&G UK title holder from the perspective of the queen herself?

Gabi has taken the time to give us an interview and boy it's worth reading. Gabi and her mother Deb have worked so hard since 2019.....

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Gabi from North Wales was crowned Little Miss Crown & Glory UK back in August 2019

Gabi has been our queen since 2019, after competing the year before and winning the charity title; Gabi returned and took home the Little Miss UK title. 

Even with covid taking many years away from us, Gabi and her mother Deb have worked extremely hard. Gabi has been an incredible queen, a queen any director will be proud to have. Dedicated, creative, thoughtful, kind, hard working and lovely. These are just a few words to describe Gabi; if you've met her and her mummy you'd certainly agree. 

We have been so lucky to have Gabi from 2019 - 2022.

How did you get into pageants?

I was first introduced into pageants when I attended a charity pageant local to us which was ran by Gemma Pritchard and her daughters Erin and Efa; if you're reading this from pageant land you'll all know who they are. The charity pageant was called Miss Eryri, mam and I had no clue what we were getting ourselves into, my mam even made me wear boots for fashion wear! BUT after then we got talking about maybe entering Crown & Glory.


It was so long ago now since winning in 2019. Do you remember what you did to prepare for the 2019 UK finals?

I entered many charity pageants to get the feel of being judges and also to meet new people and to get some knowledge and tips of pageants. I found it was a good way of helping other charities and to get into the pageant community. I also enjoyed doing so many charity events of my own, knowing I was helping such worthy cause. 

Was this your first time competing?

My first time competing was in 2018 after the charity pageant. I entered Crown & glory and won the charity title. I couldn't just leave it at that so was more than determined to get my title of Little Miss Crown & Glory UK. 

What made you choose Crown & Glory Pageants?

Before entering Crown & Glory Pageants I had heard many praise about the pageant and directors and for it being such a down to earth, friendly,  family oriented pageant, and so it was no stresses just the enjoyment and support. 

You've had a really long reign with Covid. How have you found representing Crown & Glory?

I believe I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to representing Crown & Glory for so long and enjoy the support of fellow sister queens and directors; we are one big funny family. I have enjoyed putting Crown & Glory's name out there in hope I have made justice by doing so. 

What moments since 2019 are you most proud of?

I have so many things I have been proud of but my charity work is the most I'm proud of, especially raising money for Abbie's Army charity, Wales air ambulance and me being the animal lover that I am able to keep our local zoo going in the pandemic by collecting and donating food products, also I was able to raise £600 for them. 

Do you have any advice for those looking to choose a pageant or interested in entering first time?

I'd say don't doubt if you can or can not do it. Just go for it, you will not regret it. Pageants have helped me so much in my confidence and I've gained so much experience and friends for life.

If you had the opportunity would you compete in Crown & Glory Pageants again?

Funny you should ask....Don't think I ever want to leave haha. I will be competing in the Junior section this August as this is what I had hoped I would have been doing before the pandemic arrived. 

Do you have any words of wisdom to those competing in the 2022 European finals this August?

Just as Crown & Glory motto goes...Believe in yourself and be you, no matter what the outcome you are worthy and enjoy the experience.

How is it being a pageant girl with Welsh being your first language?

I do struggle at times as when I try and answer questions in the interview or stage, what I want to say in my head doesn't often translate as well as when spoken out, but I am proud to be welsh and being able to keep the welsh language going by doing pageants and promoting my first language. 

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