Since 2012 Crown & Glory UK are proud to announce the whole pageants total is £126,702.40

£41,843.12 for Abbie's Army 

£76,869.62 since February 2015 supporting "Dean's Journey" to October 2017.

2013 -2014 raising £7,989.66 for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester.



Our chosen charity for all Crown & Glory pageants will be for Abbie's Army - DIPG research.


The contestant from each division who generates the most for the Abbie's army will win the prestigious title of "UK Charity".

PLEASE NOTE: Fundraising is not compulsory although encouraged 

Charity Side Award

The Charity award will be presented to the finalists who raise the most amount of money.

The award is very important to the entire competition as the pageant fund raises and raises awareness for Abbie's Army. The winner of this award will receive a lovely sash

If you are organising fundraising events please let us know about them so we can work with you to achieve some PR to promote your good work. Make sure you use our Facebook Group and Facebook Page.

Collecting your money

Any money you raise during the run up to the competition must be put into your own just giving account to be kept secure and linked to Abbie's Army just giving account. 

Just giving pages for your fundraising are mandatory and must be sent over by the date given. This will be due a week before the pageant date.


No cash, cheques or promises will be accepted. 

Ensure Just giving page is linked up correctly to Abbie's Army. Any help needed with this can be done by contacting Amanda on Abbie's Army page on Facebook. 

Fundraising agreement

Once your entry money has been paid for you to be a finalist a Crown & Glory Pageant, you are agreeing that you will carry out fundraising for only Abbie's Army. Please be aware fundraising is not compulsory however it is encouraged to try. 


To win the Charity title you must aim to fundraising the most funds for Abbie's army charity.  

About Abbie's Army

'Abbie's Army' is a children's DIPG brain tumour research charity, founded late in 2012 in loving memory of Abbie. 

Our mission is to :


  • Raise awareness and funding for DIPG research and help overturn  this 'terminal' prognosis. 


  • Provide a useful resource , practical advice and support for parents who receive this horrendous diagnosis for their child.



There are over 120 different known types of brain cancer. DIPG or 'Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma' is the most fatal of all these brain cancer types.  DIPG grows in the PONS area of the brainstem making surgery impossible. Currently there are no approved effective treatments or a CURE available. The average survival time from diagnosis is just 9 months.

Abbie was the most beautiful daughter and brave little girl who lost her fight with DIPG brain cancer when she was just 6 years old, she passed away only FIVE months after her DIPG diagnosis.

Can you imagine? The most fatal cancer with no treatment plan?...Abbie did not receive one drug following her diagnosis.

This hopeless situation for children with DIPG is UNACCEPTABLE! ...and cannot continue.                        



DIPG affects 40 children a year in the UK and with insufficient research funding from larger National charities and no direct Government funding,  parent led charities and advocacy groups worldwide are contributing to furthering the research effort. 

It may be too late for us and many others, but we can all commit to helping the DIPG families of the future. With first hand knowledge and experience of the devastation DIPG causes, we know any donation that can aid research and development of new treatments for these children is invaluable.

After decades of despair for families only the investment to find a cure will provide the hope needed for DIPG children of the future.

Please visit 

Fundraising ideas

There are loads of way to get started with your fundraising and here are just some ideas to help you:


  • Sell Abbie's Army wrist bands

  • Bag packing / collections at supermarkets

  • Non uniform days at work or your school

  • Quiz Nights

  • Gigs / Band night

  • Sponsored events such as: sky dive, walks, runs, riding etc

  • BBQ (get your family and friends together to donate money when they come along to your BBQ / Hold a raffle etc)

  • Car boot sale

  • Cake Bake

  • Dinner Parties

  • Karaoke nights

  • Body Shop parties etc

  • Themed event


For fundraising equipment such as buckets etc, please contact Amanda on Abbie's Army Facebook Page please ensure all merchandise no sold for the charity must be brought to the pageant to return to Abbie's Army or must be posted back to Amanda at Abbie's Army.

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